Where we are up to? #4

Part-time Work

One of the things that we have been praying is for is some part-time work for Andrew to pay the bills before we move across to Wellington. We are really thankful that he’s picked up some research work with a church planting network doing a study into the survivability of church plants! Kind of helpful given what we will be doing!

It also happens that this organisation shares and office with a city based outreach ministry that he was hoping to observe too. It feels like we are hitting about 8 birds with this one stone. Give thanks for this provision and pray that Andrew will be able to work hard while still progressing Wellington Evangelical Church plans.

Skype Prayer MeetingSkype

Last week we were able to have another Skype prayer meeting with a few of the core team (and extras!) who are already on the ground in Wellington. It was great to hear them praying for this church plant with as much urgency and ownership as we have been praying for the last year. We give God great thanks for them and their prayers for the church and for us as a family.

Housing almost sorted

Moving to Wellington is a ‘boots and all’ experience for us. We are coming across with a long-term commitment to the city and have no real plans to return. To communicate that to ourselves and to others we are in the process of buying a place to live. We feel this will give us the stability we need to make this a long-term move and it will give us the discretion to choose a place that is really well suited to the church plant. The process of finding and securing the right place has been long and stressful but we are close to having all the contracts sorted. Praise God!

Link Church Visits and Supporters NightScreen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.49.57 pm

A few weeks ago Andrew visited a link church in Queensland – Mackay Evangelical Church). In the next few weeks we will be visiting a number of other support churches (All Saints Petersham and Rouse Hill Anglican) and will be hosting another supporters night on the North Shore of Sydney. Please contact us if you are in Sydney and would like to attend the supporters night or come along as we visit one of our link churches. Or you can RSVP for the supporters night here.

March Visit

Andrew will have the chance to make one last visit at the end of March. He will be in Wellington from Friday 28 to Saturday 29th March. On Sunday 30th he will make a visit to Auckland Ev and then will head down to Christchurch to preach at Cornerstone Campus Church. If you want to catch up, let us know so we can fit you in.

Support Raising Update

So far we have raised or had committed 60% of our financial support for 2014. This is great news and we feel blessed that people are partnering with us to plant this church. If you intend or are thinking about supporting Wellington Evangelical, it would be great if you could let us know as soon as possible because… it is roughly 12 weeks til we get on the plane to Wellington.

Where we are up to? #2

Apologies that this update has been a long time coming… when it rains, it pours (let the reader understand)!

A few weeks ago (the last week in June) we took a reconnaissance trip to Wellington in preparation to plant a new church that loves Jesus and loves Wellington. The trip was exhausting yet incredibly productive. A few of the things we did whilst in Wellington were:

  • Meet up with a bunch of wonderful people who are interested in being part of the launch team
  • Scope out neighbourhoods to live
  • Started organising some of the logistics of moving
  • Spent time with friends already in Wellington
  • Looked around and asked questions to get to know the city and its gospel needs & opportunities

AucklandEvAnother key part of the trip was a visit to Auckland Ev Church which was planted only 18 months ago and has grown steadily with more than a few coming to know Jesus. It was a great example of the impact that clear, Jesus-focused and Bible-based preaching can have in growing God’s Kingdom. Andrew had the opportunity to preach at Auckland Ev and 15 people joined us for lunch to find out more about Wellington Evangelical Church and how they can be supporting us.

IMG_0262For those who have been praying for us, thankyou! God was faithful in upholding us and giving us (and our kids) the energy to work hard with the short amount of time we had.

We are also starting to get to crunch time where the goodwill and support of many is going to need to translate into concrete financial pledges and faithful prayers for us and the church plant. If you wish to support us, please let us know so we can be continue to work towards a church that loves Jesus and loves Wellington.


Adele has gone over to Wellington with two kids (one in the belly and one on the lap) as an advance party and the boys will be flying across tomorrow to join them. It is a bit of a reconnaissance trip. We’re looking at places to live, meeting people to serve, doing logistics stuff we need to do and catching up with friends. We also hope to reaquaint ourselves with the sun which seems to have been missing for almost a week now.

So if you’re in town (Wellington Town that is) and you want to find out a bit more about us, fill in a contact form and we will try and arrange a time to meet up.

ImageAlso, we will be visiting Auckland Ev on Sunday where Andrew will be preaching on Deuteronomy 9 – Promise not Pride. While there we will be looking to meet folks who are keen to either PRAY for us and Wellington, GIVE to help us get off the ground, COME along to Wellington to be part of the launch team or CONNECT us with people they know in Wellington. So if you are in Auckland (or fancy a trip up there this weekend) come along and it will be great to open God’s word with you and meet you as we prepare to plant a new church that loves Jesus and loves Wellington.

Where are we up to? #1

For those of you who are interested, here is a bit of an update of where we are up to:

Planning a trip

We will be making a trip across to New Zealand in the last week of June (26 June to 1 July). We will be spending most of our time in Wellington. While there we hope to do a few things:3554882983_91788f4582

  1. Meet people who are interested in joining with us to plant Wellington Evangelical Church
  2. Spend more time getting to know the city and the people who call it home
  3. Do some admin & logistics – investigate cars, houses, schools, etc.
  4. Listen and learn from some other pastors and church planters in Wellington
  5. Say hello to some of our friends

If you are in Wellington and would like to talk about the Church Plant, please shoot us a message and we will try and find a time to chat.

We will also be in Auckland for the weekend where we will be raising support and Andrew will be preaching at Auckland Evangelical Church. If you are in AKL on 30 June why not pop in to Auckland Ev and say hello? All their location details are here.

Raising support

Another thing we have been doing is talking to people who wish to partner with us in planting a church. God has humbled us with the kindness and generosity of many people as they have caught the vision for what a new church in Wellington might look like. If you would like to partner with us too, please let us know and all the details that you need are here.

Something that has become clear is that we definitely are not the first to have this idea and it has been a great encouragement to hear that we might (in a small way) be God’s answer to the prayers of His saints for the city of Wellington.

Gathering a core team3367863006_2bf5430cbc

Something that has been very exciting has been the chance to sit down and talk with a bunch of people about the possibility of joining us as part of the core team to plant the church.


Another thing we have been doing is praying. This is what we have been praying recently:

  • Pray for Wellington that many who live there will come to know the hope that can only be found in Jesus.
  • Pray for the churches in Wellington that they might love Jesus and love Wellington by sharing the good news of Jesus as revealed in the Bible.
  • Pray that those who are keen to be part of the core team might find the jobs and opportunities required for them to join us. Give thanks for those who are contemplating making the big move.
  • Pray for our family. That our kids will love Jesus, that we will stay healthy & safe, and that we might be good parents through the transition and process of organising a big move and a church plant. Pray particularly for Adele and the bub that they will be healthy and the pregnancy will be uncomplicated.
  • Pray for the logistics of planning a move, a suitable house for ministry, and that God will provide somewhere to live in the time between finishing our current job and when we move (Jan – April 2014).
  • Pray our trip in June will be effective and productive.

Why not pray with us?



Welcome to the Blog for Wellington Evangelical Church.

Like it says, we are new church that loves Jesus and loves Wellington. But we are so new, we don’t quite exist yet. Over the next few months we will be sharing our thoughts, our plans & our prayers as we seek to start a new church in Wellington. It is our dream that that there may be many more people in this cool little city who know, love and serve Jesus.

‘What about me?’ you may ask. Well, we’d love for you to be involved and help us make this thing happen. There are a few ways you can ‘ride shotgun’ with us as we start up.

  1. Pray – For us as a church, for the Southertons (church planters), for Wellington, and for people to come to know, love and serve Jesus.
  2. Come – We are looking for people to come with us. All you need is a sense of adventure and a commitment to seeing the lost surrender to the mercy of Christ. Some of you might be in Wellington already, some elsewhere in NZ, maybe even some from across the ditch, where ever you are, we’d love to talk to you about coming along.
  3. Contacts – Know someone in Wellington who might like to be involved? Let them know about Wellington Evangelical and put us in contact. We’d love to meet with, talk to, get to know, have coffee with, and pick the brains of as many people in Wellington as possible (even if they don’t go to church). It all helps as we try and get our head around how best to connect this city with Jesus. Fill in a contact form.
  4. Support – Sadly we have to give up a paying job in Sydney to try and make this happen, so we need your support. The plan is for Wellington Evangelical Church to become self-supporting but every new church need some outside support to help it get off the ground. Why not ‘invest’ in something new for the Kingdom of God and sign up to support us financially?

So if you would like to follow us on our journey, this is the place to do it. Subscribe/follow to keep up-to-date or contact us directly if you would like to receive our email updates.