We are well overdue for an update but there has been plenty happening.

Multiply Conference

In December the Geneva Push (a church planting network) held their annual conference here in Sydney. It was great that two from the launch team in Wellington were able to come across to the conference and get a peek ‘under-the-hood’ of church planting. It seems like at a church planting conference there are inner city hipsters, country folk and Kiwis. It was great to catch-up with Kiwi brothers and sisters who see the need for church planting as well as hearing from Ed Stetzer and Andrew Heard.

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Shona and Matt were treated to some typically warm Sydney weather and were able to chat about Wellington with some Aussies who are considering a move across the ditch. So far it is great to have two people from St Luke’s planning on coming with us this year and another two thinking about it for 2015.

Beach walk


Sadly (not really) my attendance at the conference was curtailed by the arrival of a special little guy. Our launch team grew by one when Finn Theodore Southerton was born on Wednesday 4th December. He’s a great addition to our family and much loved by his brother and sister. Everything has been pretty smooth so far and we are praying that he keeps up with the chilled out and uncomplicated kid that he seems to be.

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Finishing at St Luke’s

After the Christmas rush and some farewells, we finished up at our current church at St Luke’s. It has been a great church to serve at and grow in. We are blessed to be finishing with the support of the church and we are excited to continue to be partnering with them as the will be one of our link churches.

St Lukes farewell

Many of the families of St Luke’s have generously donated toys to help get the crèche of Wellington Evangelical up and running. Over the next few months (when we aren’t visiting other link churches) we will continue to attend Miranda North Community Church which is a congregation of St Luke’s Miranda.

Link churches and support raising

At the moment we are about 55% of the way to raise the support we need for our first year. We are very interested in talking to churches and individuals who might be willing and able to partner with us in this missionary work in Wellington. Our support has taken a significant hit with the rise of the Kiwi dollar against the Aussie dollar. If you are in a position to partner with us financially or even want to talk more about the support situation, please contact us.

We are planning on running a supporters evening on the North Side of Sydney sometime in March or early April. That will be a great chance to ask questions and get to know more about Wellington Evangelical.

Planning & praying

So at the moment we are doing a lot of planning and praying. I’m undergoing a little bit of ‘training’ by getting up to speed on church planting as well as refining the plans and strategies for a church plant in Wellington. This is going to look like a fair bit of reading, coffees with church planters, conferences and asking lots of questions to anyone who might be able to impart their wisdom.


Along side this is the family admin involved. We have moved out of our church house with 90% of our stuff going into storage ahead of being shipped across in a few months. I am planning another Wellington trip for some time in March or early April.

It would be great if you could join us in praying for Wellington and the church plant. Here are some things to be praying:

  • Pray that many in Wellington will come to know Jesus.
  • Pray that God will use this church (and many others) to make Jesus known for his glory alone.
  • Pray that the support needed will be raised.
  • Pray that God will look after our family through a busy time of transition.
  • Give thanks for the temporary accommodation we have at the moment and that it is working out so well.
  • Ask God to raise up more people to help make Wellington Evangelical happen.

Church Growth

It’s an exciting time for Wellington Evangelical Church. We recently experienced an astonishing level of growth (25%) as we welcomed the news that our core team has grown from four to five. The fabulous fifth member of the core team is making their presence known in various ways but they are unwilling to reveal their identity until sometime mid-December.

At the moment Adele is bearing much of the responsibility of caring for, nurturing and growing this new member and is occasionally finding it quite tiring. Please pray for Adele and the new member and that their arrival in December will be without complication.

The other members of the core team are delighted and have some interesting suggestions as to the name and identity of the new member.