Just a reminder

I thought I’d just remind you all that Wellington Evangelical Church is now City On A Hill Evangelical Church. Our new website is cityonahill.co.nz and our Facebook page is facebook.com/cityonahill.wellington. These are the places to go to catch up on what is happening.

Or, you could pop along to church to check it out. We meet every Sunday at 10am at 17 Dufferin St, Mount Victoria. It is in the Community Hall attached to St Mark’s Church School. We’d love to see you there!

Official Launch Service

On the 8th November we will be holding an official launch service for the church plant. We will be sharing our vision to be a church that loves Jesus and loves Wellington. We will also be launching our new name – City On A Hill Evangelical Church.Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 6.48.55 pm

We love the new name. It comes right from the lips of Jesus as he describes how his followers are to be noticed in the dark world around them. They are the shine the light of the gospel through their words and their deeds. That’s what we want to be.

The details for the launch are 10am at 17 Dufferin St Wellington, Community Hall in St Mark’s Church School (opposite the Basin Reserve).

Also you can check out the new website which is almost done – cityonahill.co.nz. And the new Facebook page too – facebook.com/cityonahill.wellington.

We’d love to see you there!


This is just a quick heads up to let you all know that we are moving this week. Wellington Evangelical Church will now be meeting at 10am in the community hall at 17 Dufferin St, Mount Victoria. This is the hall on the corner of St Mark’s Church School.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 3.42.28 pm

Our new home will give us plenty of room to grow and a lot more space for the kids to run around.

See you there!

Venues & Sermons

While we inch ever closer to securing a new venue we are about to begin a new series in Mark’s Gospel.


Hopefully on Wednesday we will have final confirmation that we can begin to meet in a new venue. The venue will give our kids church much more space to grow and to roam, it will actually have parking on site and it is still close to the city. There are still some details to iron out and hopefully that will be done this week. The process for this venue alone has take most of the year. Please be praying that it all works out and that the venue will work well for our church.


We had hope to launch the church by preaching through Mark’s gospel. Unfortunately because of the delays in finding and securing a venue, we’re going to begin Mark anyway. So this week will be our first week. Please be praying that people will turn up eager to find out who Jesus is.


Hey! Why no new sermons online?

Hi there! Yeah. You’ve noticed. We haven’t put a sermon up for a while…

The reason isn’t because we’ve chucked in the towel on expository preaching. Far from it.


Since finishing off 1 Peter we’ve had a look at Obadiah and now we are working our way through 1 Thessalonians. After this we will begin Mark and hope to finish off the year in Deuteronomy. So we’re still preaching our way through the Bible, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, listening to what God has to say to His people.

The reason we’ve not been putting sermons up is because we’re in the process of ‘rebranding’. We’re getting ourselves sorted to launch publicly with a new name and a new venue. Essentially everything is the same.

So if you want to keep following the sermons then shoot us a message here and we’ll give you the Dropbox link.


The Venue Hunt

Unless you are one of the very fortunate church planters to be gifted a venue right from the beginning, the seemingly ongoing hunt for a suitable venue can be one of the biggest struggles for the growing little (or not so little) church plant. It seems to be a black hole of time and energy that sucks you in and makes it hard to get on with what you’re there to do – tell people about Jesus.


We’ve looked at schools, bars, government offices, foyers, schools, community halls, libraries, restaurants, schools, tramping clubs, sailing clubs, bridge clubs, yoga clubs, schools, warehouses, commercial offices, university campuses, technical colleges, schools, drama academies, dance studios, gyms, a marae and did I mention schools? We’ve even looked at other churches to try and find something that will work.

And here is why it is such a challenge. At the moment here is what we are looking for:

  • A meeting space which won’t seem empty with 50 people but would have room for us to grow up to 150 people.
  • Three spaces that are suitable for kids ministry (preferrable not filled with things that are precious or fragile).
  • Within walking distance of the city/student accomodation.
  • Good access from the street with some parking avaliable within a few hundred metres of the venue.
  • The ability to have the space for at least 48 Sundays a year.
  • Onsite lockable storage.
  • The ability to serve coffee, tea and food.
  • A medium term commitment (18 – 24 months).
  • Affordable for a small church.

It seems that spaces like this are as rare as a still day in Wellington.

So, next time you’re complaining that your church building is too old or too daggy or too cold or too hot or too Anglican or not Anglican enough or that the parking is bad or that the there are no decent cafes near by or that it has a crazy weird light hanging in the middle of it… spare a thought and a prayer for your church planting brothers and sisters. We would most likely love to meet where you are!

And if you happen to have a place in central Wellington that meets the above requirements… well, I’m your new best friend! Can I buy you a coffee / beer / burger and let’s make it happen?

Daniel Sermons

Over the past term we have worked our way through the Book of Daniel and seen that despite appearences, God is in control so it makes sense to trust in Him. Here are all the sermons that have been preached for you to listen or download.



Daniel 1 (Andrew Southerton – 1 February 2015) – Download


Daniel 2 (Andrew Southerton – 8 February 2015) – Download


Daniel 3 (Ed Hambleton – 15 February 2015) – Download


Daniel 4 (Andrew Southerton – 22 February 2015) – Download


Daniel 5 (Andrew Southerton – 1 March 2015) – Download


Daniel 6 (Andrew Southerton – 8 March 2015) – Download


Daniel 7 (Ed Hambleton – 15 March 2015) – Download


Daniel 8-9 (Andrew Southerton – 22 March 2015) – Download


Daniel 10-12 (Andrew Southerton – 29 March 2015) – Download