Moving Out

Last week our church moved out of home. Well, out of our home and into a community hall closer to the city. We’ve also shifted times to the morning which seems to work much better for the families even if it does mean a smaller Sunday sleep in for those without kids.

God, in his kindness, has grown our church to the point where we can no longer meet comfortable in our living room. We were also starting to realise the toll it was taking on us as a family to have 30 people in our house for a meal each Sunday. We loved it but felt if maxed us out when it came to hospitality thus we weren’t able to do as much during the week.


Our first week in our new digs went really well. God has blessed out church with a great number of servants who are willing to turn up and work hard. We even had one bloke come for setup on his first week at church!


The new *pink* hall is perfect for us to meet in for the next few months as we work towards a public launch. It doesn’t feel too empty with 25 people but it has room for us to grow to over 50. We have plenty of on site storage and the right rooms for kids church and even a crèche when we need it.

For those who pray, will you join us in:

  • praising God for our church and their willingness to serve so others might know Jesus.
  • giving thanks to God for this move and his provision for our church.
  • praying that we might connect with students coming to Wellington for Uni over the next few months.
  • asking that our community groups will launch well this week.

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