Arrived but just getting started

After 18+ months of planning and praying, we have finally arrived in Wellington to begin planting a new church that loves Jesus and loves Wellington. The trip across was pretty full on with 3 kids and over 20 items of checked in luggage. It took us a few days to recover and settle in but life in Wellington is starting to begin to feel a bit more normal.


There have been delays with us moving into our long term accommodation which is frustrating but was not unexpected. It has given us the opportunity to stay downtown and be a bit touristy in our new home town. Apart from our checked in luggage we brought with us a keen bean from St Luke’s Miranda (Jess) who is here for 9 months to help us get things off the ground.


We have already begun meeting up with the launch team. Our first meeting was on Sunday night was pretty low key with a meal and a short devotion on Ephesians 1:1-14. It was really great to catch up with the team again and to begin (in a very small way) the ministry we came here to do. It was also great for the team to meet the rest of our family and for them to become part of this new church.

Please pray that we might begin by building on a solid foundation (Jesus and His Word) and that we might grow in unity and in number.

One thought on “Arrived but just getting started

  1. Thanks for this update. These early days must be such a rollercoaster. Glad you have somewhere to stay for the first few weeks. Hope you can continue to adjust to your new “normal” in God’s strength.

    Much love

    Susie & Stephen

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