Support Update

Ever so slowly we are inching closer to our financial support goal. Overall the process of raising support for Wellington Evangelical has been a great encouragement and a real insight into the deep partnership we share with many people in planting a new church to reach new people for Jesus. It is great to talk with people and see them to get excited about what this church might do in Wellington.

So how much do we need?

You might be wondering how much are we actually aiming for… and that’s a great question. For the first year we need $105,000  to make Wellington Evangelical happen. That is the budget for the church (not our salary!). And to me that sounds like a lot! So where does all that money go?

Salary & allowances 50,000
Housing allowance 25,000
Startup costs 19,000
Administration 6,000
Advertising & Mission 5,000
TOTAL (NZD) 105,000

So where are we up to?

As of today we are at 65% of our target. We are stoked to have 24 Families, 3 Kiwi Churches and 3 Aussies Churches come to the party to help make it all happen. Amongst them are Uni students, retirees, core group members, young workers, farmers, families, ministers, Bible college students, family friends, church planters and even some random strangers. But being at 65% means that we still have 35% of the way to go!

Unlike some networks and denominations, there is no ‘fairy godmother’ who is going to kick in the rest (but if you know of one, send them in our direction!). There is no ‘safety net’ that will catch us if we don’t get all the support we need. So…

Can you help us plant this new church in Wellington?

You can really make a difference helping us get off the ground in the first 3 years. If we break down what we need to reach 100% it is 40 new supporters giving the following:

Number of people Giving amount Giving frequency
5 $50 weekly
10 $20 weekly
10 $50 monthly
15 $20 monthly

But maybe you are one of those ‘buy a goat’ kind of people and you’d like to be able to attach an object to your support? Could you buy one of these ‘goats’ for Wellington Evangelical Church?

  • A chair (20 chairs at $75 a chair)Goat
  • Music stands ($100)
  • A visiting preacher from Auckland or Christchurch for a Sunday (6 Sundays a year at $100 a day)
  • Preaching fellowship in Christchurch (8 Fridays at $100 day)
  • Conference in Australia (2 Conferences at $600 per trip)
  • Bibles for church ($1,000)
  • Sunday School Supplies ($2,500)
  • A photocopier and supplies for a year ($5,000)
  • A shipping container… that is moving us to NZ ($8,000)

You can do something now.

If you are even remotely in a position to support Wellington Evangelical, or even if you want to talk about the possibility, please fill in this form:

If you are in a position to give now, please use the details on our support page. It would also be really helpful if you could let us know so we can track our progress.

If you want to come to our supporters night on Saturday 5th April in the North Shore of Sydney, please let us know through the contact page.

Grace & peace,

The Southertons