Where we are up to? #4

Part-time Work

One of the things that we have been praying is for is some part-time work for Andrew to pay the bills before we move across to Wellington. We are really thankful that he’s picked up some research work with a church planting network doing a study into the survivability of church plants! Kind of helpful given what we will be doing!

It also happens that this organisation shares and office with a city based outreach ministry that he was hoping to observe too. It feels like we are hitting about 8 birds with this one stone. Give thanks for this provision and pray that Andrew will be able to work hard while still progressing Wellington Evangelical Church plans.

Skype Prayer MeetingSkype

Last week we were able to have another Skype prayer meeting with a few of the core team (and extras!) who are already on the ground in Wellington. It was great to hear them praying for this church plant with as much urgency and ownership as we have been praying for the last year. We give God great thanks for them and their prayers for the church and for us as a family.

Housing almost sorted

Moving to Wellington is a ‘boots and all’ experience for us. We are coming across with a long-term commitment to the city and have no real plans to return. To communicate that to ourselves and to others we are in the process of buying a place to live. We feel this will give us the stability we need to make this a long-term move and it will give us the discretion to choose a place that is really well suited to the church plant. The process of finding and securing the right place has been long and stressful but we are close to having all the contracts sorted. Praise God!

Link Church Visits and Supporters NightScreen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.49.57 pm

A few weeks ago Andrew visited a link church in Queensland – Mackay Evangelical Church). In the next few weeks we will be visiting a number of other support churches (All Saints Petersham and Rouse Hill Anglican) and will be hosting another supporters night on the North Shore of Sydney. Please contact us if you are in Sydney and would like to attend the supporters night or come along as we visit one of our link churches. Or you can RSVP for the supporters night here.

March Visit

Andrew will have the chance to make one last visit at the end of March. He will be in Wellington from Friday 28 to Saturday 29th March. On Sunday 30th he will make a visit to Auckland Ev and then will head down to Christchurch to preach at Cornerstone Campus Church. If you want to catch up, let us know so we can fit you in.

Support Raising Update

So far we have raised or had committed 60% of our financial support for 2014. This is great news and we feel blessed that people are partnering with us to plant this church. If you intend or are thinking about supporting Wellington Evangelical, it would be great if you could let us know as soon as possible because… it is roughly 12 weeks til we get on the plane to Wellington.