Recap: Wellington, Christchurch and Supporters Night

A lot of great stuff has happened recently in the world of Wellington Evangelical Church.


A few weeks back we managed to squeeze in a trip to Wellington (sans offspring). When the plane failed to land at only 20m off the runway due to strong winds, we were glad that we didn’t have the kids for the 2hr diversion to Christchurch to refuel and try again.


Once safely on the ground in Wellington we had another busy day meeting with an interested family (M & J) and those looking to be part of a launch team (S, K, F, J & A). It was Adele’s first chance to meet many of them and we spent much of the evening getting to know each other, reading the Bible, praying and talking about how we might share Jesus with Wellington. In between the two meet-ups we managed to do some scoping out of where we might be living. Fun times!

We are really excited about the group that God is gathering to help launch the church. In particular we are really thankful for the family that has put their hand up to help out (Yay for some friends for our kids!) and we are praying that there might be a few more families who are keen.


Early on Sunday morning we had the opportunity to head down to Christchurch to visit two churches that are supporting the church plant in Wellington. It was great to meet many people who have known about the needs in Wellington and have been praying for more churches like Wellington Evangelical. Many people that we met had been praying for something like this for over a decade and it was humbling to think that we might be involved in God’s answer to their prayers.


We met a few students in CHCH who are moving to Wellington for work in 2014. It was great to chat with them about life in Wellington and how they can partner with us in church planting.

Supporters Night

On the Monday we flew back to Sydney and headed straight to the Wellington Evangelical Supporters and Info Night at St Luke’s Miranda. It was great to share with over 50 friends from Miranda the needs and opportunities in Wellington. For many it was their first glimpse of the gospel needs outside their suburb, city and country and a chance to see a bigger picture of what God is doing in the world.

Supporters Night

So far we are about 50% of the way to our financial target to get things going and have been blessed with over 50 partners in prayer. The plans for the ‘shape’ of church next year are beginning to form as well as the plans of some to come across to serve with us.

Sadly this is most likely our last visit until we move across in April 2014 but we have plenty to keep us busy in the meantime. It is under 3 weeks til the baby boy is due to come, we have to pack up and move house at least twice, we are looking forward to reconnecting with siblings serving as missionaries in South Sudan, then there is Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, holidays and some more training to get under our belts!

If you’ve been leaving you run til later to let us know if or how you will support Wellington Evangelical, we’d love to hear from you soon. Drop us a message here.