Supporters & Information Night

Clear the decks!

On 21st October we will be hosting a supporters and information night in Sydney. ‘Who should come along to such a night?’ We’ll I am glad you allowed me to ask that question for you! The following people should come along:

  • People interested in coming to Wellington to help plant the church
  • People who are related to people coming to Wellington to help plant the church
  • Kiwi Christians who are enjoying the blessings of living in the ‘lucky country’ and who want to see more churches planted back home
  • People who are interested in finding out more about what we will be doing in Wellington
  • People who are generously considering financially supporting the church plant
  • People who are kindly praying for us, the church plant and Wellington
  • People who have finished watching Breaking Bad and are yet to become addicted to Homeland Season 3
  • People who have questions about what we are doing and why
  • People who want to partner with us but are unsure exactly how to do it
  • People who like us and don’t want to see us unemployed and living in a ditch
  • Anyone else who is not mentioned above

So what are the details?1233574_10151865160424578_209710782_n

Where: St Luke’s Miranda (Fellowship Centre) which is on the corner of The Kingsway & Jackson Ave in Miranda. See Google Maps.

When: 7:30 – 9:00pm on Monday 21st October

What will we be doing?

On the night there will be a chance to find out more, to ask questions, to pray and to respond with how you can partner with us. This will all be accompanied by some live music, a light supper and some real live Kiwis (the people not the birds) to meet and talk to.


It would be great if you could let us know if you are coming, you can RSVP via Facebook or the contact form.