Why you should consider coming to Wellington.

For those of you happily living and working in Wellington, stay right where you are. Don’t go anywhere!

For the rest, “Wellington is the region of choice for imaginative people. If you are stimulated by fresh ideas, you’ll find Wellington totally inspiring. Vibrant and cosmopolitan, compact and safe, it offers all the benefits of a much bigger region with few of the hassles. Welcome to the best little capital region in the world.”

If that sounds like an ad, well, that’s because it is. I borrowed it from iam.QQSGJU.ohere.

So if you are an ‘imaginative person’ or if you are ‘stimulated by fresh ideas’ or even if you are neither, here are a bunch of reasons (in no particular order) why we’d love to see you move with us to Wellington. And while you’re over here you can join us in starting a new church that loves Jesus and loves Wellington!

The Ease

I know that deep down we can all be a little lazy, so if you are an Australian, moving to, getting a job or studying in Wellington is very easy. At the very least all you need is a plane or boat ticket (but boats aren’t Passport-Generic-420x0very popular in Aus at the moment) and a passport. No visas, no work permits, no permanent residency, just you and your passport.

Once you arrive you can apply for jobs, find a place to live, do some study and you can even spend all your 20c pieces without a trouble in the world!

You are automatically entitled to their equivalent of Medicare (I don’t even think you need to register but don’t quote me when you turn up to the hospital) and I heard a rumour that Aussie students are charged domestic (Kiwi) rates to do uni courses in NZ.

Also, if you are a student at ANU or Macquarie Uni, you can come across to Victoria University on exchange. How is that for easy!

The Culture

Another big reason people head to Wellington is the culture. Museums, Gollumgalleries, theaters, films, live music and art, you will find them all in Wellington. And because you will find these things in Wellington, you will often find the people who do these things in Wellington too.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a bunch of Christians living in Wellington who were engaged with the culture and sought to point people to the God who created these great things?

The Coffee

If you are someone who doesn’t get started without your double ristretto or your strong flat-white or your picollo, Wellington is the place for you. It is home to some of the best coffee, not only in NZ, but the world. You could begin your day with a trip to Flight Coffee and have you coffee made on a Slayer by the third best barista in the world. After a short walk you could pick up some beans from Coffee Supreme so that you’ll be able to get your coffee fix at home. Later in the afternoon you could wander down to Memphis Belle for your afternoon pick-me-up. In my opinion, these are the best of the best and there are many more cafes to explore. So if you’re wondering, Wellington has your coffee addiction covered.


The Need

If I had a dollar for every time someone tried to convince me of the gospel needs in the part of the world that they are going to, I wouldn’t need to do any support raising for our church plant! For some, less that 8% of the population being evangelical Christians = a desert!

That said, I am genuinely convinced that there is no city in Australia or New Zealand that has a greater need (both statistical and strategic) for a strong and faithful gospel witness than Wellington. And this is a conviction that is shared and reinforced by the ministers I have talked to in Wellington and throughout NZ. To describe the situation they use words like ‘desert’ and ‘grave-yard’ and ‘a real need’ and ‘bleak’.

There are some great churches in Wellington (those who have invited us across are some of them) but there needs to be many more. The need is real and if you are compelled by it, please consider joining us in the task of sharing the gospel with this cool little city.


The Opportunity

How many times in life are you given the change to be part of something new? To get in on the ground floor and help begin something that will hopefully do great things for God’s Kingdom?

Coming to Wellington to help us plant a new church will give you that opportunity. Don’t come out of bitterness of previous experiences, don’t come to run away from something difficult, don’t come to make a name for yourself, but come to serve in something new that will hold out the message of hope and new life in Jesus.

Now I know there is a lot of great work to be done in reforming existing churches but for us we have the chance to begin something new. This isn’t a way to escape the problems that might be presented by existing churches because church planting will bring its own raft of different challenges. To really reach the city we need to be both reforming churches by the gospel and planting new churches shaped by the gospel.

So that’s why you should consider coming to Wellington. Now it is up to you to work out ‘Why not?’