Where we are up to? #2

Apologies that this update has been a long time coming… when it rains, it pours (let the reader understand)!

A few weeks ago (the last week in June) we took a reconnaissance trip to Wellington in preparation to plant a new church that loves Jesus and loves Wellington. The trip was exhausting yet incredibly productive. A few of the things we did whilst in Wellington were:

  • Meet up with a bunch of wonderful people who are interested in being part of the launch team
  • Scope out neighbourhoods to live
  • Started organising some of the logistics of moving
  • Spent time with friends already in Wellington
  • Looked around and asked questions to get to know the city and its gospel needs & opportunities

AucklandEvAnother key part of the trip was a visit to Auckland Ev Church which was planted only 18 months ago and has grown steadily with more than a few coming to know Jesus. It was a great example of the impact that clear, Jesus-focused and Bible-based preaching can have in growing God’s Kingdom. Andrew had the opportunity to preach at Auckland Ev and 15 people joined us for lunch to find out more about Wellington Evangelical Church and how they can be supporting us.

IMG_0262For those who have been praying for us, thankyou! God was faithful in upholding us and giving us (and our kids) the energy to work hard with the short amount of time we had.

We are also starting to get to crunch time where the goodwill and support of many is going to need to translate into concrete financial pledges and faithful prayers for us and the church plant. If you wish to support us, please let us know so we can be continue to work towards a church that loves Jesus and loves Wellington.