Adele has gone over to Wellington with two kids (one in the belly and one on the lap) as an advance party and the boys will be flying across tomorrow to join them. It is a bit of a reconnaissance trip. We’re looking at places to live, meeting people to serve, doing logistics stuff we need to do and catching up with friends. We also hope to reaquaint ourselves with the sun which seems to have been missing for almost a week now.

So if you’re in town (Wellington Town that is) and you want to find out a bit more about us, fill in a contact form and we will try and arrange a time to meet up.

ImageAlso, we will be visiting Auckland Ev on Sunday where Andrew will be preaching on Deuteronomy 9 – Promise not Pride. While there we will be looking to meet folks who are keen to either PRAY for us and Wellington, GIVE to help us get off the ground, COME along to Wellington to be part of the launch team or CONNECT us with people they know in Wellington. So if you are in Auckland (or fancy a trip up there this weekend) come along and it will be great to open God’s word with you and meet you as we prepare to plant a new church that loves Jesus and loves Wellington.