Where are we up to? #1

For those of you who are interested, here is a bit of an update of where we are up to:

Planning a trip

We will be making a trip across to New Zealand in the last week of June (26 June to 1 July). We will be spending most of our time in Wellington. While there we hope to do a few things:3554882983_91788f4582

  1. Meet people who are interested in joining with us to plant Wellington Evangelical Church
  2. Spend more time getting to know the city and the people who call it home
  3. Do some admin & logistics – investigate cars, houses, schools, etc.
  4. Listen and learn from some other pastors and church planters in Wellington
  5. Say hello to some of our friends

If you are in Wellington and would like to talk about the Church Plant, please shoot us a message and we will try and find a time to chat.

We will also be in Auckland for the weekend where we will be raising support and Andrew will be preaching at Auckland Evangelical Church. If you are in AKL on 30 June why not pop in to Auckland Ev and say hello? All their location details are here.

Raising support

Another thing we have been doing is talking to people who wish to partner with us in planting a church. God has humbled us with the kindness and generosity of many people as they have caught the vision for what a new church in Wellington might look like. If you would like to partner with us too, please let us know and all the details that you need are here.

Something that has become clear is that we definitely are not the first to have this idea and it has been a great encouragement to hear that we might (in a small way) be God’s answer to the prayers of His saints for the city of Wellington.

Gathering a core team3367863006_2bf5430cbc

Something that has been very exciting has been the chance to sit down and talk with a bunch of people about the possibility of joining us as part of the core team to plant the church.


Another thing we have been doing is praying. This is what we have been praying recently:

  • Pray for Wellington that many who live there will come to know the hope that can only be found in Jesus.
  • Pray for the churches in Wellington that they might love Jesus and love Wellington by sharing the good news of Jesus as revealed in the Bible.
  • Pray that those who are keen to be part of the core team might find the jobs and opportunities required for them to join us. Give thanks for those who are contemplating making the big move.
  • Pray for our family. That our kids will love Jesus, that we will stay healthy & safe, and that we might be good parents through the transition and process of organising a big move and a church plant. Pray particularly for Adele and the bub that they will be healthy and the pregnancy will be uncomplicated.
  • Pray for the logistics of planning a move, a suitable house for ministry, and that God will provide somewhere to live in the time between finishing our current job and when we move (Jan – April 2014).
  • Pray our trip in June will be effective and productive.

Why not pray with us?