Why New Zealand?

Well, given the endless summer that Sydney has been experiencing or just the fact that we are Aussies, you might be wondering why we would be going to New Zealand. Of all the places, why this one?Image

For the Southertons it all started on our honeymoon. That is when NZ first wooed us. It is truly a beautiful place with people who are wonderfully down to earth and kind. They also have some pretty sweet rugby teams.

From then, God kept placing Kiwi’s in our path who would keep trying to convice us to come and play a part in telling their fellow Kiwis about Jesus.

We don’t have all the answers, but we know the guy who is the answer. We aren’t particularly gifted but we have the Spirit who gifts God’s people for ministry and service. We don’t alway know the right thing to say or do but we have the Word of the one who has done all that we need and spoken clearly through his word. It is not a new fad, or a special way of doing things that is going to make a difference, it is telling people about Jesus. Teaching his Word and showing them genuine love and relying upon the Holy Spirit to change peoples hearts. Kiwis have been doing this for ages and we’d like to join them and help where we can. And where we think we can help is a cool little city called Wellington.

We’d love to come and serve so that there are more and more Kiwis who love Jesus and love the God who’s fingerprints are all over their beautiful country.